Homage to Angelo Gilardino - A life for music

Cristiano Porqueddu

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I am happy to announce that the Brilliant Classics will distribute the double CD "Homage to Angelo Gilardino - A life for music", a new double CD that will contain a selection of works that I am most fond of and that I have studied, performed and recorded in these last fifteen years of recording activity.

This is my personal tribute to the italian composer and together with the Musicare Concert Season scheduled for the autumn months of this 2021, it wants to be my eightieth birthday gift to the author who inspired me in the research on the repertoire I am conducting today and leads me to continually discover how much there is still to learn.

The details (repertoire, release date, etc.) will be announced very soon.
There will also be a couple of new compositions.

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CD 1 di 2
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968)
01. Volo d'Angeli (from Greeting Cards Op.170)

Angelo Gilardino (1941)
from Studi di Virtuosità e di Trascendenza
02. Soledad
03. Omaggio a Sergeij Prokof'ev
04. Noche Oscura
05. Paesaggio Ligure
06. Les Arbres Rouges I
07. Aubade
08. Colloquio con Andrés Segovia
09. Annunciazione
10. Ikonostas
11. A quiet song
12. Asturiana (from 7 Preludes)
13. Paganini (from 7 Preludes)
14. Cavaliere di Malta (from Due ritratti italiani)

CD 2 di 2

Angelo Gilardino (1941)

Concerto di Oliena
per chitarra e orchestra
01. Andante lento – Allegretto
02. Adagio
03. Allegro scherzoso
Orchestre de Chambre de la Vallée d'Aoste
Director: Luciano Condina

“Sardegna – Suite per Chitarra” – to Cristiano Porqueddu
04. I – Mari
05. II – Nuraghe
06. III – S’Ardia
07. IV – Su soli est calau
08. V – Ciamma
09. Contemplatio in Caligine (*)

Cristiano Porqueddu (1975)
10. Metamorfosis de la Soledad
(Su un tema di Angelo Gilardino)
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