BGF 2008

21. JUNE - 30. JUNE 2008

with Guinness World Record attempt for the longest concert of the World!

During the second year in the history of the Guitar Festival we announced a Guinness World Record attempt and so do we today when we are preparing for the 3rd season. Our last year's record have been broken by Canadian musicians with 200 hours of continuous playing. This, naturally, we are not really willing to leave at that! The stage and the rules are the same as last year, the majority of the technical staff has accepted the challenge again and the whole concert will be broadcast also on the Internet! Here we will have the various television and radio channels, as well as Internet news portals reporting on this great event. Those who took part in last year's record breaking know what enormous fun those 192 hours were! Come and register; this year's attempt will be memorable for every one of you to the same extent! The duration of this concert depends also on other possible record breaking attempts aiming at the current record of 200 hours (maybe in Japan…?).

Anyway, the stage is ours for 240 hours, up to 1st July.
Take your guitar and join us!

József Eötvös
artistic director of the Guitar Festival