Chat with William Kanengiser in the GFA Forum NOW!

William KanengiserHow does Bill Kanengiser make the percussion sound while playing Brookland Boogie by Brian Head on his landmark GSP recording? Stop by the Forum to find out! From June 1-7, Bill Kanengiser, featured Convention 2007 artist, will be visiting the GFA Forum on a daily basis to answer your questions about his upcoming concert at the convention, his favorite recordings, his influences, technical pointers, and any other appropriate questions you have for him. The questions can be (relatively) personal or professional, and will give our visitors the chance to get to know the man behind the music. Stop by the forum June 1-7 to exchange ideas with this Grammy-winning artist!

Note: Mr. Kanengiser will spend some time on the forum every day, but may not have time to answer all questions submitted.

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