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Tema: IARGUS 2007 - 30Mayo al 4Junio - Iowa City, EE.UU.

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    IARGUS 2007 - 30Mayo al 4Junio - Iowa City, EE.UU.

    Lo siento que no puedo traducir todo esto en castellano. Oleg Timofyeev me he pedido fijar esta información. La información incluye las noticias sobre un estreno de un nuevo concierto de Angelo Gilardino.

    Seminario anual internacional para la guitarra rusa de la siete-cuerdas
    IARGUS 2007 (May 30-June 4)

    Dear Guitarists,

    I hope by now it is clear to everyone that the Russian seven-string guitar offers a whole neighboring universe to classical (and not-so-classical) guitarists. One can be enamored by the fiery Gypsy dances, fascinated by the complexity of Sychra’s and Vysotsky’s compositions, blown away by the virtuosity needed to perform Sergei Orekhov’s variations. Or one can be intrigued by the possibilities of the DGBdgbd’ tuning for the future, which may include transcribing the existing piano and orchestra music as well as composing new music especially for the Russian guitar (such as Concerto di Novgorod by Angelo Gilardino). Or one can shy away from getting involved in all this and stay on the beaten track. One thing is clear: the treasures are all there, and the most efficient way to get exposure is to attend our annual seminar, IARGUS 2007.

    Both the audience and the participants loved last year’s festival, IARGUS 2006 (feel free to check out some videos at IARGUS 2007 is going to be a more colorful, more diverse, and overall, more interesting event, where the resourcefulness and versatility of the Russian guitar will be represented in their full glory. For example, we are inviting a specialist in Portuguese guitar Pedro Caldeira Cabral, since – as some of you know – our instruments share a predecessor, the so-called “English guitar.” The festival will have a very special guest – Tony Morris, the producer of Classical Guitar Alive!, who will be preparing a full-length report for his renowned NPR program. And we are particularly proud to present some of the best Russian guitarists today, Dmitri Illarionov, Julia Lonskaya, and Nadia Borislova.

    One more thing: you don’t have to be an advanced player to enroll as a student, you don’t even have to own a Russian guitar. Our goal is to make this exciting musical culture available to everyone interested, so our patient faculty will gladly teach the instrument at any level. The full general tuition is $350 ($250 for college and highschool students), and this includes admission to all of IARGUS 2007 concerts. To register, please send checks or money orders to

    423 7th Ave. South,
    Iowa City, IA 52245

    For more information, write to iarmac(at)russianguitar(dot)net

    Hope to see you ALL here!

    Oleg Timofeyev, Artistic Director
    IARMAC (Int’l Academy for Russian Music, Arts, and Culture)

    IARGUS 2007 (May 30-June 4)
    – preliminary program –

    The Russian Guitar Quartet (Nadia Borislova, Russian-Mexican composer and guitarist;
    Iulia Lonskaia, virtuoso guitarist; multiple winner of world-wide competitions, Dmitri Illarionov; Oleg Timofeyev, Russian seven-string guitar specialist)
    Vladimir Markushevich--Evgeni Pushkarenko Duo (Moscow)
    Tariel Berimeladze, guitarist and composer (Kutaisi, Georgia)
    The Czar’s Guitars (John Schneiderman and Oleg Timofeyev)
    Pedro Cabral (guitarra portuguesa, Lisbon)
    Matanya Ophee, Russian guitar publisher and historian
    Vadim Kolpakov, Russian-Gypsy seven-string virtuoso
    Zingaresca (Vadim Kolpakov and Oleg Timofeyev)
    The Timofeyev Ensemble (Natalia Timofeyeva, Oleg Timofeyev, Vadim Kolpakov, guests TBA)
    IARGUS 2007 Festival Orchestra (John Rommereim, conductor)

    Wednesday, May 30: Arrival
    7:00 p.m. Welcome: Dr. Oleg Timofeyev (Iowa City)
    7:30 p.m. Concert: “The Legacy of Sergei Orekhov (1935-199,” Volodya Markushevich (Moscow) and Evgeny Pushkarenko (Moscow)

    Thursday, May 31:
    10-1 p.m. Masterclasses: Volodya Markushevich and Vadim Kolpakov (Charlotte, N.C.)
    2:30-3:45 p.m. Lecture: Dr. Oleg Timofeyev: “Historical Survey of the 7-string Guitar Repertoire”
    3:45-5 p.m. Lecture: John Schneiderman (Univ. of California, Irvine): “Performance Practice in Comparison: Six Strings or Seven?”
    7:30 p.m. Concert: “Ispaniada,” with the Timofeyev Ensemble and Zingaresca

    Friday, June 1:
    10-1 p.m. Masterclasses: Oleg Timofeyev and Pedro Cabral (Lisbon, Portugal)
    2:30-3:45 p.m. Lecture: Pedro Cabral: Guitarra portuguesa – A Cousin of the Russian Seven-String Guitar
    3:45-5 p.m. Lecture: Matanya Ophee (Columbus, OH) [Topic and title TBA]
    7:30 p.m. Concert: “Georgian Guitar Music,” Oleg Timofeyev and Tariel Berimeladze (Kutaisi, Georgia) and “Souvenir de Russe” (The Czar’s Guitars)

    Saturday, June 2:
    10-1 p.m. Masterclasses: John Schneiderman and Tariel Berimeladze
    2:30-3:45 p.m.: Lecture: David Schramm: “Organology: Historical Survey of Surviving Seven-String Guitars” (Freson, CA)
    7:30 p.m. INAUGURAL CONCERT of The Russian Guitar Quartet, with Timofeyev, Illarionov (Moscow), Nadia Borislova (Puebla, Mexico), and Iulia Lonskaya (Minsk)
    9:00 p.m. RECEPTION

    Sunday, June 3:
    10-1 p.m. Masterclasses: Nadia Borislova and Dmitri Illarionov
    3-5 p.m Matinee Lecture-Demonstration: “The Diverse Legacy of the Russian Guitar: Russian, Gypsy, Georgian, “Spanish,” Contemporary” (Oleg Timofeyev, Vadim Kolpakov, Tariel Berimeladze, Dmitri Illarionov)
    8:00 p.m. GALA CONCERT: IARGUS Students, Marten Falk, World Premiere of Angelo Gilardino’s Concerto di Novgorod, Czar’s Guitar

    Monday, June 4: Departure
    Úlima edición por Matanya Ophee fecha: 24-01-2007 a las 07:50 PM
    Matanya Ophee
    Editions Orphée, Inc.,
    1240 Clubview Blvd. N.
    Columbus, OH, USA
    phone: 614-846-9517
    Fax: 614-846-9794

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    Re: IARGUS 2007 - 30Mayo al 4Junio - Iowa City, EE.UU.

    Un cordial saludo,
    Samuel Diz.

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