Dear friends,

my research work on the original repertoire for guitar of XX and XXI century gave me the opportunity to create musical projects greeted warmly by critics and that the international major Brilliant Classics today distributes with success in over 40 countries.

I just finished a massive project of recording of 19 sonatas of the XX and XXI century that will be released this year (July, 1st) and in the first quarter of 2015 will finish a recording work that has been going on since 2012 dedicated to solo music for guitar written by Angelo Gilardino from 1965 to 2013 (12-14 CD set)

My work as a performer led me to read and study a lot of music of XX and XXI century and found masterpieces of Russian composers in the Editions Orphée catalogue. I'd like to propose a new project parallel to those on which I am working every day devoted to original russian music for guitar of the XX and XXI century (2 CD set) but my sponsor has already financed two new boxed sets devoted to Sonatinas and Variations.

Whit this fundraiser I want to try to reach the amount needed to
1. Registration (15-17 sessions)
2. Remuneration for sound engineers (2)
3. Rent of microphones and professional equipment for recording
4. Cost of editing operations
5. Cost for the translation of the liner notes

Boris Asaf'ev (1884 - 1949)
12 Preludes
2 Etudes
6 Romances
Theme with Variations and Finale after Tchaikovsky
Prelude et Valse

Valery Kikta (1941)

Evgeny Baev (1952)
Sonata II
Sonata III
Sonata IV

Elena Poplyanova (1961)
Sonata for guitar

Thanks to all those who believe in the realization of the idea.
A hug to everyone.