Novecento Guitar Preludes

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This collection brings together guitar preludes by Asafiev and Ponce, and includes world premiere recordings of Badings’s 12 Preludes, Sauget’s 3 Preludes and Farkas’s Exercitium Tonale. Despite their very different styles, these composers are all linked together by a single trait: none of them were guitarists.
Originally bemoaned by patron Andrés Segovia for their fiendish difficulty, Ponce’s 24 Preludes begin the compilation. Cast in each of the major and minor keys, and arranged in a circle of fifths, they are followed by Asafiev’s 12 Preludes — which, written in a single day, were probably intended as a single piece. This is also true of Bading’s ensuing 12 Preludes, as confirmed by the same harmonic progression with which the work begins and ends. From the use of contrasts that appear throughout the movements, as exemplified in the strong, primitive rhythms of ‘Yaya’, to the air of mystery and timelessness that pervades Sauguet’s offering, the compilation continues its stylistic journey, ending with Farkas’s Exercitium tonale of 1982 — a work which hints at a composer unafraid to push the performer to their limits or to be unpredictable in his use of harmony and counterpoint.
Cristiano Porqueddu, described as ‘a point of reference for the new generation of guitarists’, graduated from the Lorenzo Perosi International Academy in Biella, Italy. With an extensive knowledge of the technique and interpretation of 19th- and 20th-century music, he has won numerous international awards and now sits on the jury of several major guitar competitions.

Boris Vladimirovic Asaf’ev (1884 – 1949)
01. Prelude I
02. Prelude II
03. Prelude III
04. Prelude IV
05. Prelude V
06. Prelude VI
07. Prelude VII
08. Prelude VIII
09. Prelude IX
10. Prelude X
11. Prelude XI
12. Prelude XII

Manuel Maria Ponce ( 1882 - 1948 )
13. Prelude in C
14. Prelude in A minor
15. Prelude in G
16. Prelude in E minor
17. Prelude in D
18. Prelude in B minor
19. Prelude in A
20. Prelude in F sharp minor
21. Prelude in E
22. Prelude in C sharp minor
23. Prelude in B
24. Prelude in G sharp minor
25. Prelude in F sharp
26. Prelude in D sharp minor
27. Prelude in D flat
28. Prelude in B flat minor
29. Prelude in F
30. Prelude in D minor
31. Prelude in B flat
32. Prelude in G minor
33. Prelude in E flat
34. Prelude in C minor
35. Prelude in A flat
36. Prelude in F minor

Henk Badings (1907 – 1987)
01. I - Intrada
02. II - Interludio
03. III - Canon
04. IV - Yaya
05. V - Tricinium
06. VI - Utopia
07. VII - Fuga
08. VIII - Bicinium
09. IX - Scherzo
10. X - Arpeggio
11. XI - Canzonetta
12. XII - Rasgueado Finale

Henri Sauguet (1901 – 1987)
13. I - Prélude à la mélancolie
14. II - Prélude au souvenir
15. III - Prélude aux gestes

Ferenc Farkas (1905 – 2000)
EXERCITIUM TONALE (24 Preludes for Guitar)
01. Prelude I - Intrada
02. Prelude II
03. Prelude III
04. Prelude IV
05. Prelude V
06. Prelude VI
07. Prelude VII - Una melodia semplice
08. Prelude VIII
09. Prelude IX - Gigue
10. Prelude X
11. Prelude XI
12. Prelude XII - Cavatina
13. Prelude XIII
14. Prelude XIV
15. Prelude XV
16. Prelude XVI
17. Prelude XVII
18. Prelude XVIII
19. Prelude XIX
20. Prelude XX
21. Prelude XXI
22. Prelude XXII
23. Prelude XXIII
24. Prelude XXIV

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