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Fiel a su costumbre de sacar al mercado un nuevo registro sonoro cada año y en colaboración con TELARC, el sello norteamericano con el que viene desarrollando sus proyectos discográficos desde 1995, David Russell aborda en esta ocasión música del repertorio barroco. Son Bach, Couperin, Weiss y Händel los autores de las obras elegidas.

1. Bach: Toccata (from Partita No. VI in E minor) (BWV 830)
2. Bach: Sinfonia 2 (BWV 788)
3. Bach: Sinfonia 11 (BWV 797)
4. Bach: Sinfonia 5 (BWV 791)
5. Bach: Sinfonia 6 (BWV 792)
6. Handel: Suite No. VII (HWV 432) - Overture
7. Handel: Suite No. VII (HWV 432) - Andante
8. Handel: Suite No. VII (HWV 432) - Allegro
9. Handel: Suite No. VII (HWV 432) - Sarabande
10. Handel: Suite No. VII (HWV 432) - Gigue
11. Handel: Suite No. VII (HWV 432) - Passacaille
12. Couperin: Vingt-Sixiéme Ordre - La Convalescente
13. Couperin: Vingt-Sixiéme Ordre - La Sophie
14. Couperin: Vingt-Sixiéme Ordre - L'Epineuse
15. Couperin: Vingt-Sixiéme Ordre - La Pantomime
16. Weiss: Suite No. XIV (Numbering by R. Chiesa) - Allemande
17. Weiss: Suite No. XIV (Numbering by R. Chiesa) - Courante
18. Weiss: Suite No. XIV (Numbering by R. Chiesa) - Angloise
19. Weiss: Suite No. XIV (Numbering by R. Chiesa) - Sarabande
20. Weiss: Suite No. XIV (Numbering by R. Chiesa) - Menuet
21. Weiss: Suite No. XIV (Numbering by R. Chiesa) - Passagaille

Comentario acerca del disco escrito por el propio intérprete (sacado de su web oficial):

I have chosen a group of pieces from the baroque period by composers that have meant much to me over the years. All of them have brought me great pleasure both in the enjoyment of studying and playing their music and also in listening to their great works being performed by others. The composers are Bach, Handel, Couperin and Weiss.

Some time ago my good friend Hubert Kappel made a beautiful arrangement of the sixth partita by Bach and I have wanted to play the Toccata and Fugue, as it is such a magnificent piece. I decided it should be the opener for the CD.
As a complement I played four Symphonias, shorter pieces that Bach wrote for the keyboard (they are often referred to as three-part inventions).
The large scale suite by Handel is a piece which I transcribed thirty years ago and I have played it in many concerts. It has a glorious beginning with an Overture that fits very well on the guitar and the last movement is a Passacaille that is well known in several versions for different instruments.
Couperin has been one of my favorite composers and I have recorded some other of his harpsichord pieces before. On this occasion I have transcribed four movements from the 26th ordre, they have strange titles... La Convalescence, La Sophie, L' Epineuse and La Pantomime. Each piece has a very distinct character, showing both the depth and the humor of his music.
The suite by Weiss has been part of my repertoire for many years. The Passacaille is a wonderful piece that many guitarists have enjoyed playing and I have been looking forward to recording it for a long time.
I hope that you enjoy the recording as much as I have enjoyed playing this wonderful music.

Best wishes,

David Russell.
La fecha prevista para el lanzamiento de este nuevo CD es el próximo día 21 de febrero y ya está disponible en pre-venta en algunos sitios web como Amazon.

Un cordial saludo.

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