3rd World Classical Guitar Competition
12 Diciembre de 2012 al 13 de Abril de 2012
Fecha límite primera fase online: 29 de Febrero de 2012
Gala Final: 9-13 Abril, 2012

Novi Sad, SERBIA


The objective of the World Guitar Competition (hereafter referred to as the “WGC”) is to promote and spread beautiful sounds of the classical guitar music, all around the world trough this unique event and help the upcoming generation of guitarists to be heard, acknowledged and recognized by music expressions, artistic and technical achievements on the classical guitar.
The WGC is open for the guitarists all over the world, without limitations based on nationality, gender, or religion.
1. Contestants - Application

1.1 Eligibility
Eligible contestants must be between 18 and 30 years of age at the time of registration and must have access to the internet. The WGC shall not deny entry to any contestant on the basis of nationality, gender or religion.
1.2 Entry into WGC
The entry period for participation in the WGC begins on December 12th, 2011. at 12:01 AM Central European Time (CET) and ends on February 29th 2012 at 11:59 PM CET. This entry period coincides with the First Round of the WGC. Persons interested in participating in the WGC must complete the following three-part application process, to be completed online as follows:
• Part 1
The application for the First Round of the WGC this year is totally FREE! Just Sign Up on the WGC website and fill the information fields on the My Profile page. First Name and Last Name are also required. Then upload the video link of your performance from YouTube
• Part 2
Upload only one video of your own performance, no longer than 15 min, on www.youtube.com. If the video contains more than one composition, they must be recorded continuously, in one take, without pausing the video. This is a must, without it video will not be considered for evaluation in the first round of the WGC.
• Part 3
Using their personal email addresses, contestants must send an email addressed to contestant@worldguitarcompetition.com with the following :
a. Scanned copy of a valid document of identification (e.g.: passport, driver's license, or other identity card) that certifies the contestant's date of birth, place of birth, and nationality;
b. Recent photograph of contestant, in JPEG format (1MB maximum);
c. Brief biography of contestant, containing his/her history of musical study and relevant information regarding his/her artistic career. The biography must be written in English and submitted as a Microsoft Word Document, one page or less, in Times New Roman 12pt font.
Should a contestant fail to submit any of the information or appropriate video as required in Parts 1-3 of the application correctly, he/she will not be considered for evaluation in the first round of the WGC. Contestants who submit a complete application with videos that comply with the WGC requirements will receive a confirmation email notifying them of their entry into the WGC. Contestants shall not submit more than one application, and must use their legal first and last name, as verified by the identification submitted in Part 2. No pseudonyms or nicknames will be accepted.
The WGC Board guarantees the confidentiality of all contestants personal information. Personal information will only be used to determine eligibility for participation in the WGC and will not be used for any commercial purpose or provided to any third party or entity for any purpose without the express consent of the contestant.
2. Judges

The panel of judges for the WGC will be comprised of three (3) internationally-recognized classical guitar performers, teachers and composers.

More information soon…

2.1 Criteria for Evaluation
The Judges will select not more than 10 (ten) finalists according to the following criteria for evaluation:
• Style/Interpretation
• Technique
• Musicality
• Originality
• General presentation
2.2 Judging Powers
Judges may name assistants and/or representatives to aide them in the selection of the finalists during the First Round of the WGC.
Judges reserve the right to select fewer than 10 (ten) finalists if they determine that no other contestants meet the minimum levels of performance quality.
Judges may also refuse to award to any or all the Finalists the title of First, Second or Third Place in the WGC if they determine that the contestants have not met the minimum requirements of performance quality following their performance in the Great Final. Judges decisions are permanent and final.
3. WGC Structure

The WGC consists of two rounds, detailed as follows:
3.1. First Round (December 12th 2011 to February 29th 2012)
The First Round of the WGC begins on December 12th 2011 at 12:01 AM CET and ends on February 29th 2012 at 11:59 PM CET. The First Round coincides with the Entry Period. Registration for the WGC requires all contestants to include in their applications video uploaded to www.youtube.com . Each video must :
• Follow the format detailed in Section 3.2 (Videos); and
• Comply with the specific requirements of the First Round, detailed as follows:
a) Performance for Video
The video should contain contestant's performance no longer than 15 min. If the video contains more than one composition, they must be recorded continuously, in one take, without pausing the video.This is a must, without it video will not be considered for evaluation in the first round of the WGC.
3.2. Videos
Upload only one video of your own performance, no longer than 15 min on www.youtube.com and than add embeded link trough our upload page.
To be considered valid entries into the WGC, videos must meet the following requirements:
• Video Title: "Name of Contestant; Title of Piece",
• Contestant's short introduction in English in the Description field
• Performance of the piece;
Contestants must record their live performance of the piece in one take with a single camera placed directly in front of the performer so that the viewer can see the performer’s head as well as the entire guitar as it is played, without editing, in order to ensure authenticity of their entry. No playback of previous audio recordings will be accepted.
Videos must be authentic, original and should not have been released previously on YouTube or any other similar website or other medium such as a DVD.
The visual and audio quality of video entries must enable judges to adequately see and hear contestants' performance, and may not contain offensive images or words.
The WGC Board reserves the right to disqualify any contestants who do not comply with any of the aforementioned requirements.
*All the contestants from the previous year may upload their video free of charge. Video has to be different than the last years one.
3.3. Announcement of Finalists
After the culmination of the First Round, the Judges will select not more than 10 (ten) finalists
and announce them on March 10th, 2012 on the WGC Official Website, www.worldguitarcompetition.com . Finalists will be notified of their selection by email from the WGC staff.
3.4. Second Round: Great Final (April 9-13, 2012)
The judges will announce not more than 10 (ten) finalists of the WGC on March 10th , 2012.
The finalists must be available to travel to Novi Sad between April 9th, 2012 and April 13th, 2012 for the Great Final of the WGC. To this effect, finalists should have all required paperwork and documentation (e.g.: passports, visas, travel authorizations, etc) at hand to arrange their flight. Should a finalist be unavailable during this time period or lack any of the necessary paperwork, and thus find his/herself unable to travel for the Great Final, the Judges will grant this privilege to the next-best qualified contestant, until all finalists capable of travel have been confirmed.
NOTE : Finalists have to pay extra fee in total amount of 160 Euros when checking in Novi Sad before the Great Final (that fee includes masterclasses, tickets for the concerts and free access to all events)
The Great Final will take place on April 11th 2012 in the City Theater in the Novi Sad, Serbia, the capital city of the Vojvodina province. This final Round consists of a live performance by each of the finalists.
A press conference will be held prior to the day of the Grand Finale. The press conference will take place in the Concert hall in Novi Sad and the finalists must be in attendance. On the day of the Grand Finale, each finalist must give a live performance that meets the following guidelines:
• Perform a free program no more than 20 minutes of duration;
• Program can include, but is not limited to, any of the pieces performed in the First round.
3.4.1. Travel to the Great Final
WGC Board will provide the following to each finalist, free of charge:
• accommodation for 4 days (night with breakfast)
• Costs of travel in Serbia (from airport or train station to accommodation in Novi Sad and back).
Other costs incurred by the finalists during their trip will not be covered by the WGC Board and must be paid by the finalist.
4. Prizes

•Prize for all finalists
- In addition, finalists will be taken on a guided tour to the major sites of Novi Sad, all without cost to the finalists. Also, for all the finalists will be organized a special reception at the Provincial Secretary for Culture, Mr Milorad Djurić.
The first, second and third prize will be awarded based on the majority decision of the Judges in the City Theater of the Novi Sad, on the night of the Grand Finale closing concert. These prizes are detailed as follows:
•First Prize
The winner of the First Prize will receive $4,000.00* in cash and a certificate of recognition.
•Second&Third Prize
Winners of the Second and Third Prize will receive a certificate of recognition.
* amount of money will be reduced to the corresponding taxes 19,04%
• Other finalists
The other finalists will receive a certificate of honorable mention
5. Endorsers.

The World Guitar Competition WGC depends on the support of the City of Novi Sad government and Secretariat of the Culture of the Vojvodina province.

6. General Conditions

Upon entry into the WGC, contestants accept the risks associated with the publication of their image and videos on the Internet, such as the unauthorized use and manipulation of their videos by third persons. Contestants release the WGC Board from all responsibility for anything that could happen regarding the use of their image and videos during the WGC.
The WGC reserves the right to use the images and videos of the contestants publicly and universally, totally or partially, so long as it is not for monetary gain, and the contestants shall have no right to demand remuneration, withdrawal or liability for said use. Upon entry into the WGC, each contestant grants permission to the WGC Board to use his/her name for publicity and promotion of the WGC in all communication media, without prior notice, nor authorization for use, and without demanding indemnification or monetary compensation for the use of said names. On entering the WGC, no contestant shall directly, or through any third party, contact any of the judges. Unauthorized contact with any judge will result in disqualification from the WGC.
The WGC Board reserves the right to change the conditions of the competition, change the prize amounts or to cancel the competition due to insufficient number of applied contestants, or any other serious reason, without any responsibility and previous announcement. In the case of canceling, all the participation fees that are already paid will be returned to the applicants.
The WGC is open to any guitarist worldwide who meets the age requirement. However, it is the responsibility of any potential participant to determine if participation in the WGC would violate any law of his or her homeland. Participation in the WGC constitutes the contestant’s express acceptance of each and all of the above conditions and rules.
Contact :
• For contestants : contestant@worldguitarcompetition.com
• For other : office@worldguitarcompetition.com

World Guitar Competition is a registered trademark, and any misuse of its name is subject to legal responding