8th Guitar Festival “Roland Dyens”
1 – 6 of July 2009

Dear friends’ guitarists,

We sent you the informative form of the 8th Guitar Festival “Roland Dyens” which will take place this year again, at Kassandra of Halkidiki from 1 to 6 of July 2009.
More information for the shows, soon you will find to the site of the Conservatory www.odeio-matsigos.gr to the page for the Guitar Festival.
Also, to the same page, you can directly declare electronically your participation.
Thank you for showing such an interest and especially to you who joined in to our previous Guitar Festivals.
For general matters, you can be in contact with the responsible of organization, Mrs Lina Matsigou or the Art Director Mr Kostas Matsigos for what concerns the scores, the ensemble or the lessons.
For more information, resort, cost, declare of participation, visit the site of Conservatory to the English version.
Soon, to the same site, you’ll find all about concerts in “Summer Music Nights”

Friendly salutations

Art Director: Kostas Matsigos (mobile phone +30 6944 676 555)
Director of Organization: Lina Matsigou (mobile phone +30 6979 409 112)
Or Conservatory (+30 2310 905 631 ,+30 2310 932 791)

Organization : Conservatory of Toumpa Kostas Matsigos

8th Guitar Festival Roland Dyens

The Festival will take place from the 1st until the 6th of July 2009 in Chalkidiki with the support of the County of Chalkidiki.
• 1 July 2009 Opening Recital by Roland Dyens
• 2-6 July 2009 Master Classes by Roland Dyens
• 6 July 2009 Guitar Ensemble
• 2-6 July 2009 "Summer Musical Nights"
Participation and accommodation with breakfast and dinner
Guitar Master Classes and Chamber Music
Active Members (Guitar) Audience Chamber Music and Ensemble Members
Accommodation and meal costs included (1-6 of July 2009)
395 Euro for one (1) lesson , 450 Euro for two lessons
300 Euro (Audience) , 340 Euro (Champer Music and Ensemble Members)
The active members and chamber music members are eligible for participation in the Guitar Ensemble.
Guitar as well as other orchestral musical instruments may be used in Chamber Music.
The participants’ number must be at least two persons and they will have to bring with them a musical piece of their choice.
Participation Certificate will be handed to all participants (Priority sequence shall be kept by date of submission of participation).
Guitar Ensemble
Roland Dyens form a guitar ensemble every year. They rehearse every day about three hours. The last day of master classes the Ensemble Concert takes place. The active members and the ensemble members have the amazing opportunity to meet Roland Dyens as a teacher and conductor. The teaching of participating in a guitar ensemble is as important as a private lesson. The Guitar Ensemble participated in the last recital which has been given by Roland Dyens in Thessaloniki.